• Autobiographical Essay

    Emigrating. In search of refuge

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    Those who have left, those who plan to leave, and those who remain will see themselves in the endearing anecdotes, discoveries, triumphs, and reflections that constitute this book.

    Claudia Yelin's narrative describes a deeply personal journey from loneliness to hope, intricately exploring the changes and challenges of family immigration.

    Fernando Ulloa

  • Tales

    From Here to There

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    The Capajomi family has had to immigrate to the USA, facing the challenges of adjusting to a new home, a different neighborhood, the absence of loved ones, and a foreign language. Adding to their journey, Andrés begins school in a new country. Through his experiences, feelings, fears, and discoveries, he will unlock doors to the unexplored world around him.

  • Novel

    Among women

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    Eva, deeply affected by her daughter Grace's recent choice of partner, which triggers traumatic memories of her own past marriage, feels compelled to explore women's' experiences with love. Drawing from her background as a psychotherapist, she chooses to fictionalize scenarios that highlight common aspects of female psychology in her novel titled Amanda Loving. The book delves into various archetypal female experiences, including those of the deceived woman, the one who deceives, those trapped in abusive relationships, and those who successfully break free from toxic bonds. It also explores the struggles of women balancing motherhood and partnership. Each character embarks on her unique journey towards a life of love and harmony.

    Coincidentally, as Eva completes her work, Grace faces a relationship crisis that shakes her emotionally, prompting her to seek solace and security in her mother's home. Acting on impulse Eva asks Grace to review her manuscript as she is a professional editor hoping it will offer insights to help her daughter navigate her own turmoil. While the reading indeed prompts reflection in Grace, it takes an unexpected direction.

  • Novel

    Behind the silence

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    In her second novel, drawing from her expertise as both a psychologist and writer, Claudia Yelin delves into the complexities of modern everyday life. Against a backdrop of social instability, the novel portrays families torn apart and coming together again, navigating intense emotions of love, hate, closeness, and isolation.

    The narrative takes us on a journey through a complex web of relationships and personal struggles. The introduction of imaginary characters like reflection, memory, and emotion offers unique perspectives, allowing inner voices to be heard and challenging traditional family roles. Through this innovative approach, Yelin crafts a captivating family saga that resonates with existential conflicts and uncertainties prevalent in today's world, leaving a lasting impact on readers well beyond the final page.

    Dr. Carlos E. Sluzki, MD

    Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences George Washington University School of Medicine

  • Novel

    The Empty Chair

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    Amid a ruthless dictatorship in Argentina, during which thousands of people are brutally killed or disappeared, the Khun family emigrated to the United States. Uncle Hugo Khun, still so very young, is among the desaparecidos.

    Years later, Doctor Pablo Khun —father, husband, and older brother of Hugo— receives an unexpected phone call: there will be a trial in Argentina regarding his brother's kidnapping. The news unearths the secret behind their sudden emigration and threatens the children’s trust in their parents.

    The Khun family flies to Argentina to attend the trial and learns for the first time the underpinnings that led to the tragedy.

    Will justice be served?

  • Cuentos



    Crecer es una colección de libros dirigidos a los más pequeños. Cada título ilustra un momento significativo del desarrollo, con el propósito de contarles a los propios chicos cómo han ido creciendo, aprendiendo y adquiriendo nuevas habilidades.

    Crecer es un proceso natural de cambio permanente, pero pensarlo y tomar conciencia del pasaje de la máxima indefensión al máximo potencial, nos enriquece y refuerza la convicción, para grandes y chicos, de que lo que todavía no es puede llegar a ser.

  • Tales

    Growing up


    Growing up is a collection of books addressed to preschoolers and toddlers.

    Growing up is a natural process of permanent change. Thinking about and sharpening our awareness of the passage from maximum helplessness to maximum potential enriches our experience. This self-reflection reinforces the conviction, for young and old, that what is not yet possible may become reality soon.