From Argentina to the United States, but always close to myself

Life has taken me on unexpected paths. I began my journey in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents, and adults under some of the best mentors of the time. Concurrently, I pursued studies in Creative Dance.

The need to relocate brought about a significant shift in my life trajectory, compelling me to navigate uncharted territory without a guide or role model. This transition entailed a challenging adaptation process that gradually unveiled previously unimaginable horizons — some enriching, others less so. My initial objective was to secure credentials as a psychotherapist, leading me to obtain a Master's in Social Work from the Catholic University of America. This new qualification enabled me to reestablish my professional practice and launch my own clinic.

The vulnerability I encountered post-relocation led me to the realm of martial arts. Ki Aikido became instrumental in my personal growth, with my Black Belt diploma now proudly displayed alongside my other accolades.

The imperative to stay connected with my familial network introduced me to writing: initially letters, then books, thus evolving into an author. My writing, much like my work as a psychologist, embodies an agile, profound, and intimate style, aimed at providing emotional support both to myself and my readers.

Subsequently, having established firmer roots, I rediscovered my passion for dance and self-expression. Martial arts and dance have enriched my professional practice with invaluable insights and experiences.

In my practice, I assist individuals of all ages dealing with distressing symptoms or feeling stagnant in life. While I don't specialize in specific diagnoses, my focus lies in comprehending and equipping individuals with the necessary tools to facilitate personal empowerment, fostering their growth and pursuit of a harmonious life. Furthermore, drawing from my own experience as an immigrant, I offer consultancy services tailored to the immigrant experience, catering to those who migrate solo or with their families.

For Childrens

A grandma like me

My name is Claudia and my grandchildren nicknamed me Sisi. I like my nickname because it says Yes Yes in Spanish.

I was born in Argentina, and I currently live in Washington DC. That might be the reason why I sometimes dream in Spanish and sometimes in English.

I am a psychologist and I work helping people of all ages with their feelings and concerns so they may live a happier life. I also write books for both: children and grownups as well.

My favorite colors are the cool ones like green and blue, because they make me think of summer and the splashes in the swimming pool. I also like the warm colors like orange and red, because they remind me of my mom’s warmth.

I like sports, the martial arts and dancing but most of all I enjoy playing and spending time with my grandchildren who inspire me and shower me with lots of energy.